If you're interested in becoming a voice actor (voiceover actor), this website will show you a non-traditional path, and the steps to getting started now.

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Our website, How to become a voice actor, offers a full array of classes geared specifically towards your success.

Nearly any time you hear a voice but don't see a person speaking, there's a voiceover actor at work. On television, radio, in video games, animation, sports arenas, or on audiobooks, voiceover is everywhere. It's a surprisingly diverse field open to people with various backgrounds and skill sets, so whether you're an actor looking to expand his earning potential, someone who excels at creating characters with her voice, or someone who's constantly being told what a great voice he has, there can be work for you as a voice actor.

This website is for you if....

---you've ever wanted to QUIT your day job and CHASE your dreams...

--- you've been told "You have a great voice!" but don't know where to start...

--- you hear commercials on the radio and say "That could be me!"

--- you've ever dreamed of being in video games or animation...

Basically, if you've ever wanted to start a career as a voice actor (or you're even curious about the career itself), "How to Become a Voice Actor" is the best place for you to start. With a comprehensive overview of the career of voiceover itself, a step by step guide on how to "find your sound," make your reel, get an agent, and get voice over work, "How to Become a Voice Actor" is an invaluable resource, whether you're just starting out from a home studio, or you've got some experience under your belt.

The #1 class on our site, How to become a voice actor, is The Official DIY Guide to Voice Acting.

In this class you'll learn:

-- A large variety of voice over recording techniques

-- Voice over exercises, voiceover warmups, voice over confidence to succeed

-- How to market yourself for voice over jobs

-- How to record voice overs at home, including equipment, software and setting up the room.

-- How to set yourself apart from the crowd in the world of voiceovers.